Chiropractors: dammed if they do, and dammed if they don't (abandon the subluxation myth)
Many experts have pointed out that the subluxation myth (which is at the core of chiropractic history, theory and practice) lacks sufficient evidence to even reach the level of a theoretical construct. In fact, it is no more than pseudoscientific dogma. I have discussed the issue repeatedly, for instance here, here and here. The myth continues to generate fierce debate within and outside the chiropractic profession. This survey sought to determine how many chiropractic institutions worldwide still use the term in their curricula. Forty-six chiropractic programs (18 from US and 28 non-US) were identified from the World Federation of Chiropractic Educational Institutions list. Websites were searched for curricular information September 2016– September 2017. Some data were not available on line, so email requests were made for additional information. Two institutions provided additional information. The total number of mentions of subluxation in course titles, technique course (Tech)