Why are alternative practitioners so stubborn?
Why do most alternative practitioners show such dogged determination not to change their view of the efficacy of their therapy, even if good evidence shows that it is a placebo? This is the question that I have been pondering for some time. I have seen many doctors change their mind about this or that treatment in the light of new evidence. In fact, I have not seen one who has not done so at some stage. Yet I have never seen an alternative therapist change his/her mind about his/her alternative therapy. Why is that? You might say that the answers are obvious: because they have heavily invested in their therapy, both emotionally and financially; because their therapy has 'stood the test of time'; because they believe what they were taught; because they are deluded, not very bright, etc.; because they need to earn a living. All of these reasons may apply. But do they really tell the whole story? While contemplating about this question, I thought of something that had previously not