The myths of homeopathy: resounding answers turn out to be resounding lies
I stumbled over an article entitled 'The myths of homeopathy: Resounding answers'. I thought it was great fun, so much so, that I copied it below - not just once but twice. The second time I took the liberty of replacing the little porkies told by homeopaths with the truth. THE ORIGINAL Homeopathic medicines are not placebos! Little "pellets" of sugar cannot have an effect! Of course, the sugar in homeopathic pellets doesn't have any effect. This is why we also have tablets and drops that contain homeopathic active substances. The sugar is simply a medium for these active substances. The important element is what has been added to the sugar – the active ingredient! As homeopathic remedies have very slow action, they cannot be used to treat acute illnesses! This is incorrect. You can successfully use homeopathy in acute circumstances such as infections, fevers and colds. Homeopathy seems to be a kind of magic! Homeopathy is not magic! Homeopathy is a field of medicine that has the