Regular readers of this blog will find plenty of things that are familiar to them in my new book 'SCAM'. Many of the thoughts in there were originally conceived on this blog; and quite a few ideas might even be inspired by your comments. In this way, SCAM can be seen as a big 'thank you' to all of my readers. SCAM, of course, stands for 'So-Called Alternative Medicine' which might be the name best suited to my field of research. In the book, I explain why I chose this terminology: Why do I call it SCAM? Why not just 'alternative medicine' or one of the many other possible names for it? ... Mainly because, whatever it is, it is it is not an alternative: if a therapy does not work, it cannot be an alternative to medicine; if a therapy does work, it does not belong to alternative medicine but to medicine. Therefore, I think, that so-called alternative medicine or SCAM is not a bad term to use. I would be lying to you, if I said I did not want you all to buy my new book - which author