Alternative truths from another planet (AT FAPs): part three
Here are 3 more short pieces of alternative medicine satire. if you like them, please consider to send me your own short articles. AT FAP No 7 (sent in by 'Ex-Acupuncturist') Heroin junkies are now putting another type of needle in their body to get high… Acupuncture needles! Acupuncturists have long theorized that an endorphin release is part of the clinical effect of acupuncture. Endorphins are the body's own painkillers. They are in a group of chemicals called endogenous opioids. While sceptics have pointed out that endorphin release is also a key part of the placebo effect, it seems that ancient Chinese wisdom wins this round of the battle. "The key is to twirl the needle in the correct direction for each individual," one experienced user reported. "In general, men get clockwise, women counter-clockwise, but it reverses depending on the phase of the moon and whether the kidney pulse on the wrist is floating or deep. It may sound strange, but once you hit the right point and