Chiropractic improves quality of life: another bogus claim?
Chiropractors have become (in)famous for making claims which contradict the known facts. One claim that we find with unfailing regularity is that "regular chiropractic treatments will improve your quality of life". There are uncounted websites advertising this notion, and most books on the subject promote it as well, some are even entirely dedicated to the theme. Here is a quote from a typical quote from one site chosen at random: "Quality of life chiropractic care is the pinnacle of chiropractic care within the chiropractic paradigm. It does not solely rely on pain or postural findings, but rather on how a persons life can be positively influenced through regular adjustments... A series of regular adjustments is programmed and continual advice on life improvement is given. It is designed as a long term approach and gains its strength from the regularity of its delivery." Given the ubiquitous nature of such claims, and given the fact that many chiropractic clients have back problems