Pro 'alt med' and anti-vax
Vaccinations are unquestionably amongst the biggest achievements in the history of medicine. They have prevented billions of diseases and saved millions of lives. Despite all this, there has been an irritatingly vocal movement protesting against immunizations and thus jeopardising the progress made. Kata summarized the notions and tactics of these activists and identified the following 'common anti-vaccination tropes' from searching relevant sites on the internet: 1 I am not anti-vaccine, I am pro-safe vaccine. 2 Vaccines are toxic. 3 Vaccines should be 100% safe. 4 You cannot prove that vaccines are safe. 5 Vaccines did not save us. 6 Vaccines are not natural. 7 I am an expert in my own child. 8 Galileo was persecuted too. 9 Science has been wrong before. 10 So many people simply cannot be wrong. 11 You must be in the pocket of BIG PHARMA. 12 I do not believe that the problems after vaccination occur coincidentally. And what has this to do with alternative medicine, you may well ask?