Mobbyt, a tool to create educational videogames and interactive teaching resources | Edutainment Mobbyt
How to create multimedia digital resources to perform didactic activities in the classroom is one of the issues that motivate teachers in the era of ICTs. Fortunately, there are an increasing number of options to satisfy this demand. One of them is the tool offered by the Mobbyt platform to create educational videogames. As shown on the cover page of its website, the Mobbyt platform is easy to use. It only requires the user to register in order to create contents, although this action is not necessary in order to play the hundreds of educational videogames included within the portal. However, registration allows an author of content to make edits in the future. Characteristics of the Mobbyt platform Among the main advantages offered by this online tool, it is possible to highlight the following: It is user-friendly. It is free. It is safe for minors: content is controlled by managers. It does not require installation for use. It is multiplatform: the tool as well as the created games