How do you leverage professional development to drive student achievement? (Part 2) | Educational Epiphany
This week, like each week over the past two years since I became the full time Chief Executive Officer of Educational Epiphany, I facilitated professional development for teachers, school leaders, and central office senior leaders in multiple cities. Often time, I begin my keynotes, workshops, and breakouts with this caveat, "Professional development ought to be professional and you ought to get developed as a result of participating." Sound simple? But it's an unspoken, authentic concerns for educators each time they convene for "professional development." Teachers, school leaders, and central office leaders are all too often required to participate in professional development that is not worth the cost of the gasoline that it cost to get there and they are expected to grin and bear it. We should have a national standard for the quality of professional learning for adults. Think of it this way. Time is one of the few resources known to man that is not renewable. Once we squander it,