Future Love at HeK, Basel — earth sciences
The group exhibition "Future Love" examines the impact of new technologies and social media on our affective relationships and sexuality. Never has the future of our emotional, sexual and familial relationships appeared more exciting, promising and troubled as today. Biotechnologies are presenting alternative means of reproduction, altering gender roles and their biological boundaries, while also challenging the traditional structures of family ties. New industrial products offer to fulfill unconventional sexual fantasies, which can be realised through both physical and virtual realties. Global connectivity allows for the circulation of alternative models of love and sexuality, which continue to provoke ideological debates among puritans and liberals, but are increasingly accepted by the wider population. This new interdependance of technology, engineering and environment constitutes a new concept: hypernature, an enhanced version of the ecosystem including artificial bodies and their correlations. In this context, some of the most farsighted theorists question our predominating role in the ecosphere, inciting us to go beyond the common discourses about the Anthropocene, while discussing our imperative instincts for reproduction and survival.