About me | Neuro-patch
I am retired and in my 70s - this blog is my hobby. I am learning about the brain and sharing what I learn with anyone who is interested. The reason for my fascination with neuro-science is that I am left-handed and dyslexic. When I was young, dyslexia was unknown to my teachers and family. All they knew was that I was not dumb or lazy but I had great difficulty reading and writing. In my teens, I went to the library and found nothing to explain handedness or difficulties with written language. So I have been following scientific news about the brain for about 50 years. For a long time, most everything I read sounded like rubbish. That started to change a decade or so ago. Now most of the research is very persuasive. My education and employment has been in biology, computer science and management. I have conquered my dyslexia with the help of one teacher and my husband but it took a long time. I have a more personal site