Let's explain away | Neuro-patch
What is the difference between explaining and explaining away? If I watch a magician do a trick and I witness some object appear from nowhere or simply disappear before my eyes, I of course want to know how these things happen. I want an explanation. But do I want an explanation of how matter can be created or destroyed or do I want an explanation of how the magician made it appear to me what matter appeared and disappeared in a flash? It depends on whether I believe that magic happens or whether I believe that magic is a misleading performance. So someone could say, "you have not explained the magic, you have just explained it away." To this the answer is, "I have not explained the magic because it never happened and was an illusion but I have explained the actual events that caused the illusion." When Dennett published his book 'Consciousness Explained', the clever retort was that the book should have been called 'Consciousness Explained Away'. There have been a few people lately