Meanings of consciousness – part 1 | Neuro-patch
How little do we agree on what consciousness is? Not much. The word itself (in English) has a number of separate meanings: a type of awareness, such as 'class consciousness'; awareness in an everyday sense, 'they were consciousness of the fact that the room would be cold'; a personal awareness of the current moment, 'his consciousness was filled with bright lights and music'; all mental activity that a person is aware of, 'conscious self'. There are also meanings that result from translations from words in various languages, cultures and religions that might be translated into words like soul, mind, spirit, or a universal connection. The meaning that I want to concentrate on is the personal awareness of the current moment. But there are still many ways to view this particular consciousness – in spite of view points almost all people agree that they experience this idea of consciousness and assume that their consciousness is like that of others. And there is a general idea that the