Time travel is not uniquely human | Neuro-patch
There are constantly statements about what abilities humans have that are unique. One of these is mental time travel. Decades ago Tulving put forward the notion of episodic memory and at the same time stated his opinion that it was unique to humans and that animals do not have episodic memory or a conscious experience of remembering. Suddendorf and Corballis put forward the notion of mental time travel: "the human ability to travel mentally in time constitutes a discontinuity between ourselves and other animals". Lately Corballis has changed his mind: "Mental time travel has neurophysiology underpinnings that go far back in evolution, and may not be as some (including myself) have claimed, unique to humans." Other animals may experience remembering specific events and may experience the planning of future events. In fact, I would find it difficult to explain their behavior if they did not have these abilities. Imaging the old grandmother elephant leading her family to the bones of dead