Out of the box | Neuro-patch
I have not been reading science reports as much of late and have not been writing. My mind has wandered to less conventional ideas. I hope you find them entertaining and maybe a little useful. Because we got stuck years ago with a computer model for thinking about the brain, we may have misjudged the importance of memory. It is seen as a storage unit. Memory has been shown to be a very active thing, but still seen as an active storage thing. We know it is involved with learning and imagining as well as recalling, but thinking functions are seen as just how we may use what is remembered. No matter how people think of the brain or the mind, memory stays over to the side as a separate store. Even though there are many types of memory (implicit, explicit and working for a start) they are still just storage. They are seen as the RAM and hard disks of the mind. Suppose (just for an exercise) that we had started out putting memory in the role of an operating system when we first started