Hand gestures | Neuro-patch
About 20 years ago I took an interest in the non-verbal part of speech communication: gesture, facial expression, posture, tone of voice. During this time I watched the hands of speakers carefully and noted how they gestured. I saw four types of movement that seemed distinct: One.. Word gestures took the place of words, quite literally. They were made at the point were the word would be used and there was a gap in speaking for it to fit into so to speak. Also treated like words were the (sometimes impolite) gestures for which Italians are famous. Two.. Illustrating gestures do not interrupt speech but are separately 'saying' the same as the words, like miming while talking. Three.. There are emotional gestures that are very ancient and even understood across species. They are often completely unconscious. Palms towards the body communicate submission or at least non-aggression. Palms away from the body communicate rejection or defense. Four.. The fourth type is also usually