Ways to navigate | Neuro-patch
When I was a little girl, my father stood me on the door step and pointed across the yard and said, "that's north". He went on that the house behind me was south, the village was west and the grove of trees was east. To this day when I think of north I see the barn and so on; my sense of direction is based, even after 70 odd years, on the vision of the farm yard I grew up in. I have a small problem with left and right, but if I just think of facing the barn then left is in the west towards the village. Until I traveled away from the flat prairies, that was all I needed and the only skill required was to keep track of where north was. I found later that landmarks were useful and so was a map. My husband has his own way of finding his way and never seems to worry about the cardinal directions. He does not seem to keep an continuous, unconscious tally of which way he is facing. His only way of dealing with cardinal directions is to know that the sun is going to be to the south and going