The John paper 1 | Neuro-patch
I have been looking at a paper that is not very recent but none the less very interesting. It took ages to find a copy of it that I could access and download but now when I go back it is no longer there. The paper is E. Roy John; The neurophysics of consciousness; Brain Research Reviews, 39, 2002 pp 1-28. Those of you who have access to various sources will be able to download the pdf but I can no longer supply a link. The paper describes a proposed global brain process. There are local processes to establish 'fragments of sensation' and these are connected to give 'fragments of perception', but a complete 'frame' of perception requires non-local processing. Consciousness appears to require a brain-wide process. John sees these processes in terms of EEG patterns. I am going to deal with his theory in several posts rather than try to put everything in one. In this post is John's diagram of consciousness and descriptions of the numbered phases. I feel there are some 'almighty