Remember the thalamus | Neuro-patch
What are we fairly sure about in regards to consciousness? It only happens when the thalamus and cerebrum are in communication; it seems to be associated with a positive signal 300 ms after an event (the P300); it seems to be connected with working memory and the start of further stages of memory; it seems to be connected to the focus of attention; it is probably discontinuous (like frames of a movie); it seems to be involved in communication of its contents to many parts of the brain; gamma waves (about 40 a second), start in the thalamus and move front to back in the cortex, create synchrony in their path, and are essential for consciousness. There are theories that put these observations together, such as the global workspace model. I am not convinced that these theories are complete because they appear to by-pass the importance of the thalamus. For years there has been a concentration on the cerebral cortex as if it was the "brain". Where is the model that