Get over the dualism | Neuro-patch
I keep running across advice on how to be happy, less afraid, more effective and similar personal improvements. Most of them are OK and I can see how they would be useful. But some are not and they are finally getting under my skin. These are the ones that propose a state of war between "you" and "your brain". Surprising in this day and age, there are people who are not trying to help people over their dualism but actually encouraging it. I have taken an example: "Why you should treat your brain like an unruly child" by A P Jacobs almost at random. There are many more. The first thing these articles try and instill in the reader is a separation between the self and the brain/mind and a lack of any responsibility of the "I" for what is thought and done. "I don't trust my brain. It's got some good qualities, sure, but it needs constant supervision. It's like an unruly Boston terrier – left to its own devices, it will scamper off and rummage through the garbage can,