Brain, Ubuntu and Hegel | Neuro-patch
There is a recent paper in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience: Marchetti and Koster, Brain and intersubjectivity: a Hegelian hypothesis on the self-other neurodynamics. (citation below) The authors attempt to show that self-consciousness can be understood in the context of Hegel's ideas of intersubjectivity. The parts of Hegel that they pick to illustrate the nature of 'self' and 'other' reminded me of the Bantu idea of 'ubuntu'. That made me more interested because, to be honest, I have, in the past, ignored Hegel because of my discomfort with some of his spin-offs: Nietzsche, existentialism, psychoanalysis. But I am intrigued by an overlap of neuroscience, Hegel and ubuntu. First the neuroscience as the paper puts it forward: what are the steps from simple perception and thinking (consciousness) leading to the more complicated self-consciousness. The authors look at two aspects of the brain, mirror cells and the default mode network. Mirror cells are active for a