Out of body – out of memory | Neuro-patch
ScienceDaily (here) has an item on an interesting paper: Loretxu Bergouignan, Lars Nyberg, and H. Henrik Ehrsson. Out-of-body–induced hippocampal amnesia. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, March 10, 2014. Our feeling of our bodies is important to storing/retrieving episodic memories. The experimenters had subjects using virtual reality googles which either left them with their own bodies or forced an 'out-of-body' illusion. The subjects could remember the events that happened when their body image was not disturbed. When they tried to remember events that happened when they felt out of their bodies – they had difficulty. Henrik Ehrsson is quoted as saying,"The fMRI scans further revealed a crucial difference in activity in the portion of the temporal lobe -- the hippocampus -- that is known to be central for episodic memories. When they tried to remember what happened during the interrogations experienced out-of-body, activity in the hippocampus was eliminated,