If it is not understood, it is simple | Neuro-patch
There is a truism that I cannot find a good quote of – but it is a truism all the same, and no doubt there is a quote somewhere. 'If I don't understand something it is simple; if I don't know how to do something it is easy'. It is similar to 'don't underestimate what you don't know'. And similar to the Dunning-Kruger effect: unskilled people think they have superior skill. It is a constant trap waiting to catch us out. It is also related to the 'unknown unknown'. In the mid 1950s automatic machine translation of natural languages was just a few years away and this remained the case, the system was just a few years away, for the next 30 or so years. 20 years further on there is still not a really, really good machine translation system. Why was this problem underestimated? It was not understood; natural language was not understood. What could be difficult? There are words, dictionaries, grammars, idioms - so we use them, like a person who just opens their mouths and meaningful