Decision funnel – the Brass model | Neuro-patch
Marcel Brass' group has published a very wide ranging and interesting article on volition (citation below). They look at what fMRI results have shown (and not shown) on a number of questions regarding how volition works in the brain. Near the end of the paper they outline their own model of the progression of stages from goals to actions. Here is their figure 1: Brain regions in the medial frontal cortex that have been implicated in human volition. SMA supplementary motor area, preSMA pre-supplementary motor area, RCZ rostral cingulate zone, dmPFC dorsomedial prefrontal cortex, vmPFC ventromedial prefrontal cortex And here is their section on the funnel model: Based on the research outlined above, we propose an extension of the WWW model (whether, what, when) of intentional action. This extension assumes that intentional action follows a kind of funnel-like organization that is related to an anterior-posterior gradient within the medial frontal cortex. It is, however, crucial to note