Is Sozo a cult? What is Sozo? A look at the new Scientology, Bethel Church, Bill Johnson and the new age... - Dynamite Publishing
A while back, I wrote about Sozo being more dangerous than Scientology. In a nutshell, Sozo is more cleverly disguised than Scientology. TruNews provides an audio discussion at the link below. Below, Rick Wiles of TruNews describes Sozo: https://www.trunews.com/article/is-sozo-prayer-warmed-up-scientology New Age churches such as Bethel in Redding California are teaching people to vibrate and get into harmony with God and the universe. They are also anticipating audibly hearing a new sound from Heaven. And a popular craze currently circulating in many Charismanic churches – especially Bethel – is something called Sozo Prayer. ... Read More