Last Two Oktoberfests!! – Ridgewood & East Durham, NY | dSb - die Schlauberger
This Friday the 19th join Rob, Klaus, and Pat for "dSb Lite" at Gottscheer Halls Oktoberfest celebration (657 Fairview Avenue, Ridgewood, NY) starting at 8:00 PM. Then it's on to the final east coast show for the 2018 tour at the Shamrock House Oktoberfest on Saturday, 10/20. Shamrock House located on RT 145 in East Durham, NY. dSb hits the stage at 7:00 but Gregory and the Mountain Brauhaus band kick off at 12:00!! We also want to mention that dSb Lite will once again be a part of the Riedlbauers New Years Eve celebration. We recommend early reservations!