Poster Design for all Performance Events : : HK Music & Entertainment Industry | Drezier Communications
[Branding, Art Direction, Poster Design] Hong Kong Recording Industry Alliance (HKRIA) is a not-for-profit copyright management organization. After all, in order to promotion music, new business model and scheme were implemented reinvigorating vitality of music industry. | Drezier Communications 是一所香港品牌設計斗室,投緣「整合品牌建構」與 新新傳播藝術,希望替企業訂製更講究的品牌力。 我們提供全面概括的創意服務,包括:時尚播傳設計、整合品牌建構、創意與美術顧問、形象風格指導、環境與零售藝術等。