| Thailand's SCB launches pre-paid Visa Card for peace of mind and perks | DreamTravelOnPoints
Thailand's Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) is launching a pre-paid Visa Card in partnership with The Mall Group. You can use it to pay anywhere Visa is accepted and there are no sign-up, monthly or load fees. And you even earn reward points and get discounts at the mall. I recommend pre-paid cards for peace of mind when traveling and using cards to pay in places you consider risky, making this a good option when traveling to Thailand! Plastic is becoming more and more common and, despite plenty of card scams, it's still saver than carrying large amounts of cash on your vacation. Especially when you are traveling and are not familiar with local customs, are not sure about the reliability of vendors or the safety, having a pre-paid card offers peace of mind: You don't have to worry about your main card or bank account being hacked, ruining your vacation in the process. With a pre-paid card, you can never loose more than you have on the card! The SCB M Visa pre-paid card is available at the