What to Do When You Experience Alopecia | Don't Touch the Hair
Hair loss of any form can be troubling and devastating. Trust me. I know from experience. It can be a truly troubling time. These steps helped me tackle my hair loss. Hopefully, they can help you too. (1) Freak out . . . just for a little bit Losing your hair is a totally justifiable reason to have a freak out moment. You may scream, cry, or get very upset. Emotional responses are reasonable. Just don't remain paralyzed in that feeling. You have to face your situation head-on. When I lost my hair, I had my own panic moment. I even considered not sharing the problem on the blog. In the end, I felt that wouldn't be a wise decision and I'm glad I wrote about it. SourceGiphy This feeling should be temporary. (2) Find the root cause Knowing the cause of the issue is very important. With this knowledge, you can figure out how to address it. There are many reasons why people lose their hair. It could be from having a tight hairstyle (traction alopecia), an autoimmune disorder (alopecia