Joining the Sizzelle Hairline Challenge | Don't Touch the Hair
Happy New Month! Dr. Fomsky over at Sizzelle and The Sizzling Mommy has started a hairline challenge for the next 3 months. She noticed that part of her hairline was "chopped" and decided to something about it. Luckily for us, she wants others to join in her challenge. Challenge Details If you want to join me on this hairline challenge, leave a comment and your plan. Then, upload your starting picture with your comment. The challenge will run from 1st June to 30th August. There will be a monthly check-in where you will upload your update and routine. I will publish an update post where you can upload your pics. If you're on instagram, you can put up your starting picture and tag it with #sizzellehairlinechallenge The person with the best improved hair line gets 3 months supply of Jamaican Black Castor Oil AND Castor Oil serum with argan oil. Bonus Everyone who joins the challenge will receive a 5% discount coupon to shop for any oil in our store. Restrictions You have to join the