Facebook Is To Crypto What Rat Turds Are To Breakfast CerealDollar Destruction | Dollar Destruction
Get your hands off me Lucky Charms! Facebook coin is the second creepy uncle at the crypto wedding this year, after JPMorgan picked out Lady In Red by Chris de Burgh and winked at the maid of honour. Nate Popper's New York Times piece provided confirmation by Facebook 'insiders' of a crypto play, native to WhatsApp, that could allow users to send money instantly. And mass adoption doesn't come much more massive than Facebook. So why does it feel as though the bride's halfway to Tucson, and we're standing around at a chapel in Memphis? Because for many of us, cryptocurrency isn't just about money – no matter how weird that may sound. The movement toward decentralization has been fueled by the excesses of banks, and the surveillance capitalism of tech platforms that have derived untold billions in profit from 'extracting the essence of you' and selling it to… well, everyone. Some of us believe in that movement.Rat Turd In the last three months of 2018, U.S. banks made $62 billion in