Trump Pumps Fake Oil Price Crisis While Strangling Venezuelan ExportsDollar Destruction | Dollar Destruction
Donald Trump sent the oil market into a tailspin Monday with one tweet claiming oil prices are too high and blaming OPEC for it. Is Trump unaware that oil prices are a function of supply and demand? Or is he deliberately shifting the blame off his destructive embargo of Venezuela? Though it is a fact that oil prices are at a three month high, "Oil prices are getting too high," is merely Donald Trump's opinion. And calling the world "fragile" and suggesting higher oil prices would be some kind of catastrophe is an alarmist narrative. Trump is Being a Drama Queen About Oil Prices Trump's overly-dramatic tweet fits in nicely with the Goldman Sachs report from earlier today predicting that Brent Crude oil will go even higher to $75/bbl before the end of the year. But trying to scare up a panic over oil prices is a cry for attention from the sitting president, one that fits in with his television