Whether You Bought Bitcoin (BTC) at $1,800 or $3,000 Won't Matter in 5 Years: Crypto AnalystDollar Destruction | Dollar Destruction
Your Bitcoin Cost Basis Won't Matter In Five Years Since Bitcoin (BTC) began to fall just thirteen months ago, investors have done their best to time the bottom. Some have been taking the safe, smart route, purchasing BTC on a normal basis to dollar-cost average in, while others have been a tad more irrational, purchasing cryptocurrencies whenever it suits their emotions. Yet, one analyst claims that by this point, it won't matter whether your Bitcoin cost basis is $1,800, $3,000, or any other figure in this range in three to five years. The analyst in question is Josh Rager, an industry personality and technical analyst that has garnered tens of thousands of followers on Twitter. In response to a quip from The Crypto Dog about Bitcoin's bottom, Rager explained that as BTC has already retraced 85% from its top, "what's another 5% or 7% compared" to how far this market has dropped already? In other words, calling a Bitcoin bottom now isn't nonsensical, even if this market falls a tad