London Blockchain WeekDollar Destruction | Dollar Destruction
After the two week Florida ride I diagnosed myself with blockchain and art fatigue. Paradoxically, I was also bored and not interested in many things apart from blockchain and art. Luckily a tweet about the London Blockchain Week, about to happen in two days from that point, just casually flows past my Twitter feed. Hmmm. Now, who is around? The first high five was to Julio Alejandro Freeman after he shouted: 'Finland' as I came through the slide open elevator doors. We'd been going back and forth online but managed to not cross paths in real life for months. Before I could get my morning coffee we were deep into concepts of freedom, humanitarian blockchains, and most interestingly to me, the building of tech-smart cities. Julio is one of those rare people I know who does as much work towards blockchain outside it than within from UN to universities. Whatever kind of semi-conscious coma I can sometimes get myself into, is always shaken off by hanging out with young entrepreneurs. Those