European Exchange Giant Readies Crypto Futures LaunchDollar Destruction | Dollar Destruction
The anticipation that 2019 will be the year for mass institutional crypto investment is building. The number of long awaited futures contracts and exchange traded funds to ease institutions in is growing. Added to that list is a European derivatives exchange which is gearing up to launch its own crypto products. Deutsche Börse Enters The Markets According to The Block Eurex has been meeting with industry experts and market makers in recent weeks in the lead up to the launch of its own crypto investment products. The firm is a derivatives exchange operated by Germany's Deutsche Börse. Citing 'people familiar with the matter' the report adds that initial futures contracts will be based on the top three; Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple's XRP token. Eurex has joined the likes of the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), VanEck, and ErisX which are all angling to get physically delivered crypto contracts onto the markets this year. The prolonged US government shutdown has hampered regulatory