GSC: At the Forefront of a RevolutionDollar Destruction | Dollar Destruction
With the continuing emergence of blockchain technology disrupting the more conventional forms of practices today, we take a closer look at the vision outlined by Genesis Supply Chain on exactly how they plan to solve some of the most common issues, in one of the biggest industries suffering from a lack of autonomous management. We are, of course, referring to the supply chain industry. Although to most this is an industry flying relatively low under the radar in terms of attention, it certainly is one that could potentially be revolutionised by the utilization of this new and wonderful technology. The supply chain industry makes up two thirds of global GDP, making it patently obvious that with a positive restructuring of the way this industry operates, we could see some drastically improved statistics. Whether by means of human error or a lack of general technical procedures, the supply chain industry is currently fraught with problems. Serious investors in blockchain solutions will