How to Create and Import Custom Adjustment Brush Presets for Lightroom | | Digital Photo Help
Lightroom's Adjustment Brush tool allows you to make precise local adjustments to your photos. You can use the brush to simply lighten or darken an area of your image – the digital equivalent to burning and dodging in the darkroom – or adjust contrast, saturation, clarity and a host of other settings. You can also combine any number of settings on the same brush. Benefit of using Adjustment Brush presets Along with its custom settings, the brush tool offers a range of presets. These are loaded with all the adjustments needed for specific purposes such as teeth whitening, iris enhancement, and so on. Presets can save you an infinite amount of time if you edit the same genre of photos frequently. If you are a portrait photographer, having brushes pre-loaded with all the adjustments to soften skin, brighten eyes and lighten teeth saves you having to fiddle around with the sliders every time you edit a portrait. You simply click on the brush preset you want, and you're good to