3 Photoshop Elements Tutorials to Help You Correct and Enhance Your Images | | Digital Photo Help
We've noticed on our current reader survey (if you haven't filled it out already, please do so here) that many of you are using Photoshop Elements. So I rounded up some video tutorials to help you use Elements (15 or any older version) to help you make corrections and enhancements to your images. #1 How to brighten and improve a dull photo George Peirson from How To Gurus walks you through several steps you can apply to make a dull photo more exciting. He covers things like working with adjustment layers so you can work non-destructively, adding more color in certain areas, layer blending modes, and more. #2 How to remove people using the clone stamp tool Sometimes you can get unwanted people in your shots. In this video you can learn how to remove them using just the clone stamp tool in Photoshop Elements. #3 How to create a motion blur effect using Elements In this final video learn the steps to add motion to an image using different blur effects in Photoshop Elements.