Why Bolsonaro? - Fernando Díaz Villanueva
There are many questions that arise after the Bolsonaro storm. The first and most important of all of them is if he will be able to avoid the ballot, predictably alone. The second is how and why the PT has collapsed and, in general, the Brazilian left-wing, the hegemonic force of the country for a quarter of a century. Nothing of what has happened in Brazil in the last four years is understandable without first taking into account the economic crisis that plagues the country. Brazil has passed in a very short time of being the miracle child of America to be the sick man of whom everyone takes pity but who nobody wants at his side. The root causes of this Brazilian depression are very similar to the Spanish one a decade ago. On indebtedness and on investment in ruinous sectors. All duly seasoned by the omnipresent political corruption. The scourge of the last one has been even higher than in Spain. To this day, two former presidents are splashed with corruption. Lula da Silva is in prison since last April serving a sentence of nine years. His successor, Dilma Rousseff, was dismissed by the Senate in August 2016 [...]