It all started with her - Fernando Díaz Villanueva
A small controversy has arisen following a report on TVE about the series «Isabel» in which it was stated that the Catholic queen carried out an “ethnic cleansing’’. Well, it’s not true. Isabella of Castile who, like all the rulers in the world have been, has her lights and shadows, did nothing similar to an “ethnic cleansing”. At least in the contemporary sense of the term. What she and her husband, King Ferdinand of Aragon, actually did was a religious homogenization, something very common in medieval and modern Europe. The kingdoms of Spain were, in fact, the last to undertake it. In Europe, before the Lutheran Reformation, two religious confessions coexisted: the Catholic Christian and Judaism, which practiced a minority portion of the population. For many reasons, including those of a political nature, this minority was always the object of misgivings, if not outright persecution. From England the Jews were expelled in 1290, from Hungary, from the German principalities in 1348, from France between 1321 and 1394, from Austria in 1421, from Provence in 1430 and from the Duchy of Milan in 1490. This ignorance of the history of the Jews in Europe may be responsible for historical lies commonly [...]