Is the planet warming up? - Fernando Díaz Villanueva
One of the most fashionable cliches during the last years among progressive people and backward politicians is the so called Global Warming. All the meteorological upsets, from the floods to cold spells, from droughts to typhoons or gales, are explained by the same pattern. The planet is warming up and, as a consequence of that, we will loose our harvest and our forests, and humankind will die under a blazing and inclement sun. Is this the future for our blue world?, it is true the global warming prophecy? In fact, we do not know. Neither the scientist, nor the politicians, nobody at all. There are no evidences that point to the global warming, at least in the long run. Less than 30 yeasrs ago, so few that many of the readers still remember it, the same scientific community who today bet their little fingers for their current prediction, assured that Earth was at the doors of a new ice age. Peculiarly they attributed its cause to the same evils that today causes the heating. According to that preposterous theory, in the coming years the polar glaciers and caps would advance inexorably burying the corrupted western civilization under several meters of [...]