Gender Mathematics - Fernando Díaz Villanueva
Human intelligence is one of the great mysteries that science has no quite managed to unravel. It’s not only about finding a satisfactory definition of intelligence, but how to grade it. We know we’re before someone intelligent but often cannot explain how we know, because intelligence is a set of traits which are not easy to categorize, quantify, or qualify. What has been observed is that there is more variability among men than among women, i.e. there are more idiots and more geniuses. Scientists have named this phenomenon the Great Hypothesis of Male Variability. This is not new. Darwin already observed this more than a century ago in his study of the natural world. The father of evolutionary theory observed more variability in countless species as disparate as turkeys, salmon, wasps or primates. Our species also has this peculiarity. Males are overrepresented at the extremes of the chart when categorizing variables such as intelligence, weight at birth, or aptitude tests like reading or mathematics. In the real world this means that there are more Nobel prize winners among men, and also more assassins. The data is available for whoever is interested. Since the Nobel price began around 1901, it has [...]