Can Brexit be reversed? - Fernando Díaz Villanueva
The question that many Brits are asking themselves at this point; two and a half years after the referendum and five months before the official departure from the EU, is whether or not it deserves to go ahead. If we ask the economy, the answer is clear: no. At least in the short term. The 80% of British companies believe that the Brexit has seriously affected investments according to a survey recently released by the CBI employers, which represents 190,000 members. London’s greatest firms – 30% of the British GDP – are already well advanced in their contingency plans. Banks such as HSBC, Goldman Sachs, UBS and JP Morgan have announced that they will transfer personnel to other cities in Europe and that their turnover in the United Kingdom will significantly decrease. In the long run, if the country leaves the European Union on good terms and knows how to adapt in order to become something like a tax haven, the Brexit could become something good. But human beings do not usually think long term, we almost always do it short. We try by instinct to save the day. We are more worried about what will happen tomorrow than what [...]