Dementia/ Alzheimer's Resources in Telugu | Dementia Care Notes
On this page: From ARDSI Hyderabad-Deccan Chapter: downloadable Telugu booklets, helpline, and support Videos in Telugu (Youtube) From Old age/ Mental Health Portals from India Some sections of this page are still under construction. From ARDSI Hyderabad-Deccan Chapter: downloadable Telugu booklet, helpline, and support Online dementia information in Telugu is available from the Hyderabad Deccan chapter of ARDSI (Alzheimer's and Related Disorders of India) : Help for caregivers (PDF file) . What is dementia (PDF file) Information on dementia and dementia events (PDF file) . The ARDSI Hyderabad Deccan Chapter also provides phone and in-person support and counselling in Telugu. They may also be having printed booklets on dementia/ care in Telugu—contact them to find out. Their contact information and some other details are provided at our page here: Resources for dementia care: Hyderabad [Back to top] Videos in Telugu (Youtube) A video discussing dementia is available at