Resources for dementia care: Kerala cities | Dementia Care Notes
This page contains information specific for dementia care in various cities of Kerala, for the convenience of caregivers of patients of Alzheimer's Disease and other forms of dementia. [read disclaimer] Facilities for patients of Alzheimer's/ other dementias. Dementia-related material in various Indian languages (including Malayalam). General tips for locating relevant resources in a city. Quick Ref: To quickly locate the day cares and full-time cares in Kerala, look for the symbols24 x 7 Care Home and Day Care. Facilities for patients of Alzheimer's/ other dementias NATIONAL DEMENTIA HELPLINE: 0484-277-5088 (Mon-Sat 10 AM-4 PM). E-mail: You can get information on dementia and care here, as well as information on dementia resources in India. (The older number, 0484-280-8088, was discontinued in August 2017) Other Kerala-based Dementia Helplines: 09846198471 and 09846198786 (managed by ARDSI Registered office, Cochin) and 09846198473 (managed by ARDSI National Office)