Site update notes | Dementia Care Notes
This page describes the updates done to this site. It may be useful to check if you have visited the site earlier and want to know whether any significant changes have happened. However, note that the best way to benefit from the content is to just see the page(s) again and check the menus on top or see the site map. Site updates include both ongoing updates, and special/ significant content updates. Ongoing site maintenance and content updates Ongoing updates are done regularly and may affect several pages. Such ongoing updates are done every few months, and sometimes smaller batches are done in between if some significant data is received. The types of changes done as part of ongoing maintenance include: References and links are added/ removed as relevant for the page, including cross-links to other pages on the site. An attempt is made to include whatever could be useful, and remove obsolete material or material that is less useful now. Broken links are also periodically removed.