Texas collection chocolate truffles - Delysia Chocolatier
Wonderful local treats A superb selection of choice chocolates infused with locally grown ingredients. Be wowed by each mouthwatering morsel, overflowing with Texas size flavor. Delysia Chocolatier’s Texas collection chocolate truffles includes calming Lavender truffles, refreshing Prickly pear truffles, and heavenly Honey truffles. We partnered with locally operated Becker Vineyards for the peaceful fragrance only fresh lavender can provide in our Lavender truffle. Our Honey truffle is infused with honey harvested in Dallas, ensuring freshness in each morsel. The Prickly pear truffle is pure sweetness blended with milk chocolate. Each bite is a love letter to our home state. We’re proud to show them off! Pick up a box today or send a chocolate delivery to a friend. Learn why it’s said that everything is bigger (including flavor) here in Texas. This 9 piece chocolate truffle collection contains: 3 Lavender truffles 3 Prickly pear truffles 3 Honey truffles