Sensual Ruby collection chocolate truffles - Delysia Chocolatier
Spice up your love life Spice up Valentine’s Day with the newest product from Delysia Chocolatier, our Sensual Ruby chocolate truffle collection. The flavors in this naturally pink chocolate truffles are inspired by traditional aphrodisiacs that increase the sexual desire of women, of men, and for both genders equally. Chocolate is often considered to be an aphrodisiac on its own. We are taking it to the next level by creating love potions inside gorgeous ruby chocolate that further stimulate the senses. Infused with the flavors and aromas that spark sexual attraction for women and other scents that stimulate arousal in men, these chocolates inspire desire for Valentine’s Day. The Truffled honey ginger chocolate truffle, with its sexy corset design, beckons a bite into the ruby chocolate infused with earthy and woody aromas that are irresistible for women. Fig and walnut infusions in the center of each truffle represent fertility, while the gingered honey balsamic balances the earthy notes, and the lemon zest adding a bit of freshness. With a mustache design, our Chipotle orange chocolate truffle boasts a bold balance of smokey and sweet which elicits attraction for men. A hint of smoky spice from the chipotle peppers makes this a more masculine flavor while incorporating a "sexy" ingredient into the mix. Finished with a hearts and arrows design, our Merlot cherries & cream is arguably the most sensual flavor in the collection. Tempting both genders, its smooth texture and the rich burst of flavor from merlot infused ruby chocolate ganache, blended with mascarpone cheese, studded with dried cherries create an elevated sweet and tart flavor that sets the heart racing. Our Sensual Ruby Collection is a special Valentine’s Day gift filled with luxurious indulgences designed to inject a punch of passion into anyone’s love life. Our newest handcrafted chocolate truffles will get hearts racing and open the doorway to desire. This sensual 9-piece chocolate truffle collection of ruby chocolate contains: 3 Truffled honey ginger ruby chocolate truffles 3 Merlot cherries & cream ruby chocolate truffles 3 Chipotle orange ruby chocolate truffles