Ruby collection chocolate truffles - Delysia Chocolatier
First-ever artisanal Ruby chocolate truffle collection Treat yourself to a truly remarkable experience as you explore chocolate’s newest innovation with our Ruby collection chocolate truffles. This perfect balance of sweet and tart chocolates leaves a tantalizing sensation with every bite. The Classic ruby chocolate truffle is a supremely unique treat that highlights its fruitiness and fresh, tart notes. To create the Sparkling ruby chocolate truffle, sparkling rosé wine is infused into rich chocolate ganache and blended with rose petals and dried strawberries for a sweetened, floral finish. The delicate flavors of the rose petals are brought to life by the decadent ruby chocolate. Our Spice Ratnanayaka chocolate truffle is a blend of garam masala, smoked paprika, adobe peppers, and a proprietary spice blend infused with a hint of citrus. Enrobed in ruby chocolate, the unique spices balance the sweet ganache with a pack of heat. These revolutionary, ruby chocolates showcase the array of traditional, savory, and spicy flavor profiles of chocolate’s latest innovation. This special 9-piece chocolate truffle collection of ruby chocolate contains: 3 Classic ruby chocolate truffles 3 Sparkling ruby chocolate truffles 3 Spiced Ratnanayaka chocolate truffles