Making The Leap To IPD - Delaram Art & Design
When owners ask a project team to get on board with integrated project delivery (IPD), putting profits at-risk and adopting costly technologies like building information modeling (BIM), all while forsaking professional autonomy in favor of collaboration, the challenge is obvious. Nevertheless, recent years have indeed seen growing numbers of healthcare projects adopting IPD in some form, with already impressive results in time and money saved, errors avoided, and profits made. To be sure, IPD is not for everyone, says attorney Lisa Dal Gallo, whose firm Hanson Bridgett LLC (San Francisco), has crafted some 150 multiparty IPD contracts since 2008. “The owner is the leader in the IPD world. If the owner is not design and construction-savvy and prepared to be very involved in the day-to-day process, IPD may not be the best fit for them,” she says.